The Théa story

who we are

Théa Pharma Canada is the Canadian subsidiary of Théa, Europe’s leading, pioneering and innovative Eye Health brand founded in 1994 by Henri Chibret. With 5 generations of history, the Chibret family has been dedicated to Eye Care for more than 150 years.

Our commitment to improving lives is borne of our pioneering spirit: we continue to lead the worldwide preservative-free movement in eye care. We’ve created innovative delivery systems. We’re focused on making products accessible and cost-effective for patients. We live this mission every day because everyone should have the same opportunities to see the world through healthy eyes.

our approach

Théa creates innovative solutions for better outcomes: developing new approaches to treat eye diseases for which there are currently no treatments, enhancing existing ocular treatments by improving efficacy and surveillance, simplifying existing procedures, and improving safety by reducing side effects.


our mission

Innovation is our purpose. Our priority is strengthening our position as a leader in the field of preservative-free eye drops. Thea Pharma Canada intends to provide the next generation with answers to unmet eye care needs by sharing knowledge across the industry, especially with the younger generation of ophthalmologists and optometrists.

our vision

Our mission towards improving patient outcome spearheads our vision for a preservative-free future for eye health.

  • Our commitment to improving lives is borne of our pioneering spirit.
  • We continue to lead the worldwide movement in preservative-free eye care.
  • We have created innovative delivery systems.
  • We are focused on making products accessible and cost-effective for patients.

we can shape the future together

the Théa family spirit



We welcome boldness in strategy, research and innovation.


We focus on calculated decisions and long-term strategies rather than next quarter’s results.


We are driven by an implicit social contract, guaranteeing stability and proper balance of work and life for every member of our team.

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