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Théa is dedicated to developing innovative eye care solutions for serious ophthalmic conditions. We understand it takes more than medicine to make a positive impact on the world around us. That’s why Théa Pharma Canada works with partners to bring ophthalmic breakthroughs to the challenges facing the communities we serve.

Our passion and expertise drive us forward. As we look ahead, we remain committed to collaborations and partnerships focused on achieving goals together, bringing meaningful clinical advancements to the world.


Our strategic pillars of innovation and education are at the foundation of our partnerships. Our team executes with agility and has the discipline to deliver solutions to unmet needs. Our capabilities can be leveraged in current and future endeavors, supporting successful product launch and commercialization for eye care innovations. We seek companies who share our vision of improved ophthalmic outcomes.

Théa Pharma Canada is looking for acquisition opportunities as we expand into Canada. We will make the industry take notice of product partnerships with significant potential. If your goals align with ours, contact our team to discuss the future.

Théa Open Innovation

Further support is available within the Théa company network through Théa Open Innovation. This company aims to identify, evaluate, and support the most innovative developments in eye care by implementing licence agreements and/or capital investments with partners. Théa Open Innovation brings expertise in ophthalmologic development and the necessary funding partners need to achieve proof of concept in humans. Théa Open Innovation can also drive clinical development, registration, pricing, market access and commercialization.


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