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Théa intends to provide future generations with answers to unmet eye care needs by sharing knowledge across the industry. Imparting information to all professionals, particularly the younger generation of eye care professionals, allows us to usher in continuing innovations in eye treatment. Our range of educational initiatives, includes the support of ophthalmologists and optometrists, in addition to resources aimed at trainees and support staff, via numerous platforms and media.

Théa Pharma Canada will support national and local meetings, webinars, conventions, and symposiums, as well as other programs focused on the sharing of information and growth of the industry.

Thea Academy
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Supporting the education and development of our fellow eye health professionals is foundational at Théa Pharma Canada. It’s a commitment we take to heart. That’s why we are creating the Théa Academy, a rich resource of online courses, workshops and webinars that cover numerous therapy areas, all of which can be used towards your annual CET and CPD qualifications. Watch this site for updates on Théa Academy.

In addition to courses and other educational events, Théa Pharma Canada also offers digital downloads of educational books on several topics in the Théa library. Browse the Théa library to find digital resources, available as downloadable PDFs.

  • Optical
    Optical Coherence TOMOGRAPHY (OCT) & Glaucoma
    This book is designed to provide an overview of current practices concerning the use, indications, interpretation of results, and limitations of OCT in glaucoma.
  • Chronic
    Chronic Corneal Eye Ulcers
    This book on chronic corneal ulcers is a beautifully illustrated account of common and serious corneal ulcers written by experts in the field.
  • The
    The Eye in History
    A compilation of articles on instruments, books, and individuals that shaped the course of ophthalmics.
    This resource will be available soon.
  • Modern
    Modern update of ocular and orbital Ultrasound
    Prof. Dr. med. Mario de La Torre, Dr. Michel Puech, Dr. Peter Good
  • Practical
    Practical OCT-Angiography
    Dr Sylvia Nghiêm-Buffet Sandrine Ayrault, Dr Corinne Delahaye-Mazza, Dr Typhaine Grenet, Dr Gabriel Quentel, Dr Franck Fajnkuchen Prof. Salomon Yves Cohen Preface by Prof. Eric Souied
  • 0%
    0% PRESERVATIVES – Volume 4
    Prof. Christophe Baudouin
  • OCT
    OCT and optic nerve
    Prof. Jean-Philippe Nordmann
  • OCT
    OCT and Retina
    Dr. Marie-Bénédicte Rougier, Prof. Marie-Noëlle Delyfer, Prof. Jean-François Korobelnik
  • Nutrition
    Nutrition for eye health: fact or fiction?
    Professor Alfredo Garcia Layana, Professor Angelo Maria Minnella
  • Eyelid
    Eyelid & Conjunctival Tumors
    Dr. Olivier Galatoire, Dr. Christine Levy-Gabriel, Dr. Mathieu Zmuda
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